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White Pearlescent Wax Burner

White Pearlescent Wax Burner

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Want to try wax melts but not sure where to begin? Or are you looking for a gift idea? This is the perfect wax melt starter kit.

Each bundle contains 1 x wax burner, 2 x fresh type wax pots and 2 tea lights to get you started.



Each pot contains approximately 40g of coloured wax topped with a fabulous glitter finish!

Hand poured in small batches using the maximum amount of oils to give you a beautiful strong fragrance that lasts.

Depending on how strong you like your throw these can be cut in half, quarters, or even used whole.

I recomend using a quarter of a pot.

Then just sit back and relax as the wonderful scent fills your room within minutes.

Once the fragrance has all gone or you just fancy a change simply wait for the wax to cool down. Once cool scoop out the old wax and replace with a new chunk.

All products are fully tested and CLP compliant.

Due to each batch being handmade and poured colours may differ very slightly from pictures.